About NMR

The Nordic Migration Research (NMR) is an international non-profit organisation of individual and institutional members. It was founded during the Nordic Migration Research conference in Bergen in November 2007 and the board had its inaugural meeting in January the following year.

The NMR board consists of three board members and one substitute each from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The NMR Office is located in the institute of the chairman, and alters between the four countries with a four-year interval. Board members and the location of the secretariat is elected by the General Assembly that takes place every second year in conjunction with the Nordic Migration Research Conference.

The objectives of the association are regulated in the NMR statutes. These are:

a) Stimulate and promote comparative Nordic scientific research on migration and ethnic relations, to promote the formation of closer research networks among Nordic researchers, institutions and research projects, and to support individuals seeking to visit other institutions as guest researchers for shorter periods of time.

b) Increase awareness of NMR-related issues and research results in the public debate in the Nordic countries and in a global context.

c) Provide support for scholars embarking on this field of research.

d) Promote collaboration concerning education at the Master and PhD levels.

e) Organize and support conferences and courses with the capacity to contract with local organizers to whom the organization can confer all powers and liabilities, and

f) Publish a Nordic, English-language scientific journal.

NMR is the owner of Nordic Journal of Migration Research (NJMR) that was established in 2011, and every second year it organises the Nordic Migration Research Conference together with a local host.

The NJMR is a continuation of the Norsk tidsskrift for migrasjonsforskning (English: Norwegian Journal of Migration Research) (2000–2009) and the Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (2006–2010). It is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open access international journal that is free of cost for both authors and readers.

The Nordic Migration Research Conference was initiated by the Nordic Migration Research Network in the 1980s. Since 2009, as the network had developed into an association, it is the NMR that organises the Nordic Migration Research Conference. The conference alters between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and the selection of the host institution is made by the board.

NMR Secretariat and Board Members 2019–2020

In the General Assembly 2018 Marja Tiilikainen was elected Chair of the NMR.
For the period 2019–2022 the Migration Institute of Finland in Turku, Finland is the NMR secretariat.


Mikkel Rytter

Department of Anthropology
Aarhus University

Brigitte Schepelern Johansen

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen

Ninna Nyberg Sørensen

DIIS (Danish Institute for International Studies)


Anna-Leena Riitaoja

University of Helsinki

Magdalena Kmak

Åbo Akademi University

Marja Tiilikainen

Migration Institute of Finland


Marie Louise Seeberg

NOVA (Norwegian Social Research)

Marry-Anne Karlsen

Uni Rokkan Centre
University of Bergen

Melina Røe

NTNU Samfunnsforskning


Andrea Spehar

CGM (Centre on Global Migration)
University of Gothenburg

Carl-Ulrik Schierup

REMESO (Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society)
Linköping University

René León Rosales

Multicultural Center in Botkyrka



Rashmi Singla

Roskilde University Center


Miika Tervonen

Migration Institute of Finland


Carol Azunge Dralega

Western Norway Research Institute


Klara Öberg

MIM (Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare)
Malmö University

Election Committee

Tina Gudrun Jensen

The SAXO Institute
University of Copenhagen

Lotta Haikkola

Finnish Youth Research Network
University of Helsinki

Eugene Guribye

Agder Research

Erica Righard

Malmö University