Research course “Education and the Reproduction of Marginality”

The Nordic research network involved in the project: Interculturalism and Diversities: Developing intercultural models and thinking in the Nordic countries (IDIN), invites PhD candidates working with topics related to immigration and cultural diversity, to a course about Inclusion and exclusion: Understanding and developing regimes of integration in the Nordic countries in relation to the Post-industrial City, Education and the Reproduction of Marginality.

Course description

The course will analyze the theoretical characteristics and social perceptions underlying the models/regimes/ideals used to explain and regulate the relations between the ethically defined majority and ethnically defined minorities in the same society.

A particular focus of this course is to find out relevant obstacles and remedies to proper integration on the part of newly arrived children into the educational system in Nordic countries.

The course will be held at the Centre for Urban Studies at Gothenburg University / Chalmers University of Technology, Hammarkullen, Gothenburg, in November 2013. The course is scheduled from Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th of November.

You may download the full course description, registration form and find more information here: PhD_course