New book on Multiculturalism

Like many other Western democracies, the Nordic countries have  vigorously debated whether it is necessary to find new ways of  incorporating ethnic minorities into the larger society. The edited  collection in Peter Kivisto and Östen Wahlbecks (eds) Debating Multiculturalism in the Nordic Welfare States  addresses the varied ways (…)


(…) that four countries have  addressed the issue of the inclusion of ethnic minorities – including  both old minorities and recent immigrants.

Because of their robust  social democratic welfare policies, these nations constitute an  important research site for exploring the ways in which the politics  of identity and recognition play out in societies committed to  redistributive politics. Put simply, can the goals of the welfare  state and those of multiculturalism coexist in harmony? Are they  capable of being mutually reinforcing? Or will they inevitably be at  loggerheads, operating in what amounts to a zero-sum game:  redistribution at the expense of recognition and vice versa?

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NOVA (Norwegian Social Research) is hiring social researchers

Deadline of application: 10 September 2013.

NOVA is organized into four departments: Childhood, Family and Child Welfare Research; Youth Research; Ageing Research and Housing Studies, Health and Welfare Studies.

Migration research is located in the Working Group for Migration and Transnationality, which has members from all four departments.

The announcement and more information may be found here (Norwegian only).