Bergen Summer Research School

The application for The Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) 2014 is now open.

There will be six parallel courses. Five of the courses will provide the students the opportunity to critically analyse the dynamics and impact of global governance mechanism on specific fields. One of the courses will be related to IMER/SKOK.

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Imer Seminar Series 2014 – Communicating Migration

IMER Bergen is currently planning a seminar series called Communicating Migration. This will be the topic for the seminar series at IMER Bergen spring and autumn 2014. 

The seminar series will end with a two-day conference in October/November 2014.

The seminar series will cover how migration and ethnic relations are communicated in every-day encounters, in mass and social media, in politics and in teaching at the universities.

You can read more about the seminar series here

Please suggest abstracts, papers, relevant seminar topics or persons by sending an e-mail .

Other topics relevant for IMER portfolio are of course also welcomed for presentation. Some of the seminars have already been launched.

REMESO Graduate School: New Courses

Courses for Swedish and International PhD candidates and Master students at the REMESO Graduate School at Linköping University, Sweden.

Spring 2014

Migration and Labour

10 March–11 April, on-campus week, March 24-28, 2014

Course Directors: Professor Charles Woolfson, REMESO; Associate Professors Branka Likic-Brboric and Zoran Slavnic, REMESO. Guest Lecturers: Professor Judy Fudge, Kent Law School and Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup, REMESO

This course looks at the barriers to decent work and protected labour standards in the global and European economy. It asks how policy-makers and labour market actors have responded to the challenges posed by migrant workers in securing labour rights in the increasingly insecure world of work. At a theoretical level we discuss unfree labour, circular migration, ‘informalisation’ and precarious work in a global economy and its impact on industrial citizenship. Strategies by labour market actors such as trade unions, labour inspectorates and supra-national governance bodies such as the ILO are explored.

Deadline for application: 20 February 2014

Globalization, Migration and Development

April 21–May 23, on-campus week May 5-9, 2014

Course Directors: Associate Professors Branka Likic-Brboric and Anders Neergaard, REMESO and Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup, REMESO. Guest Lecturers: Professor Raul Delgado Wise, Zacatecas University, Mexico; Senior Lecturer Aina Tollefsen, Umeå University; Associate Professor Peo Hansen, REMESO. Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, Trade Collective, South Africa, is invited to give perspectives from global civil society and migrant advocacy work.

The course addresses both scientific and policy debates concerning the relation between migration, development and human rights.An issue at the top of the international policy and global governance agenda. The students will explore theoretical issues of migration and development, as well as empirical work in the field. This entails theories of governance, the political economy of migration and development, spatial dimensions of global and regional production chains.

Deadline for applications: 4 April, 2014

Read more in attached flyer:  REMESO Spring 2014

  • The courses are offered to postgrad. students (preferably PhD students or advanced MA)
  • 5 weeks of full-time work for 7,5 ECTS. One intensive residential week at REMESO, Campus Norrköping
  • Courses are usually examined by a written paper assignment
  • Accommodation is provided for all course participants
  • There are also a few travel grants available for members in Nordic Migration Research and IMER-förbundet:

For full information and application form:  or contact Graduate School Coordinator Branka Likic-Brboric