Nordic Migration Research (NMR) Conference 2014 – Call for papers

Flows, places and boundaries – migratory challenges and new agendas

Copenhagen University, 13th- 15th August, 2014

During the past decades, migratory flows have diversified and intensified. National policy frameworks respond to the migration flows with both openness and closure and discussions on how to manage migration are as pertinent as ever. Notions of integration and belonging are challenged by new migration dynamics and by new forms and scopes of mobility.

The global quest for natural resources has also opened up new venues for migration, e.g. in Greenland, and environmental changes and challenges have led to new population movements. These examples illustrate the complexity of migration-related issues and the 17th Nordic Migration Conference wishes to engage in these topics, and situate the migratory challenges and new agendas in a Nordic context.

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Paper proposals (maximum 300 words) can be submitted until the 15th of March 2014.

Open Society Foundation Call for Proposals

Somalis in European Cities  project
While  the research for the Somalis in European Cities  project has been completed, the advocacy phase to follow up the findings in the reports has only just started. To accompany  the research and advocacy efforts around the project, OSF have launched a call for proposals for projects which aim to increase the participation of minority and marginalized groups at the  city level, including those of Somali origin and descent. The call is for all cities covered by the Somalis in European Cities project: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Leicester, Malmo, and Oslo. 

You can see the call here. The deadline is Monday 3 March!