New PhD Course at REMESO Graduate School, Linköping University

Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism:  Historical and Contemporary Debates
13 October – 14 November 2014. On-campus week, 27–31 October.
Course Directors: Associate Professor Peo Hansen, REMESO and Professor Stefan Jonsson, REMESO.Guest Lecturer:  Anders Stephanson Professor Columbia University.
The course examines key ideas and concepts underlying both historical and contemporary thinking on ethnicity and nationalism, including questions of national and ethnic identification, solidarity and mobilization, as well as theories on multiculturalism and citizenship. Emphasis is put on the ways in which nation and ethnicity need to be re-thought and re-historicized when confronted with issues of coloniality, postcoloniality, gender and sexuality.
Deadline for applications: 29 September 2014
REMESO Graduate SchoolcoursesareofferedtoPhD students andadvanced MA students.
 5weeksoffull-timeworkfor7,5ECTS. Oneintensiveweekat REMESO, Campus Norrköping.
Coursesareusuallyexaminedbya paperassignment.
Accommodation is provided for all course participants during on-campus week.
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