The Nordic Journal of Migration Research, issue 5(1)2015 is now online

It can be freely accessed on

The Contents as follows:

Editorial /Näre, Lena / Bendixsen, Synnøve

Border Struggles in the Migrant Metropolis /De Genova, Nicholas

Person, Time and Conduct in Alna /Eriksen, Thomas Hylland

The Meaning of Ethnic Equality in Scandinavian Anti-Discrimination Legislation /Reisel, Liza

“The Most Open System Among OECD Countries” Swedish Regulation of Labour Migration /Calleman, Catharina

Over-Education Amongst the Children of Immigrants in Sweden /Dahlstedt, Inge

Book Reviews /Lybaek, Lena / Kulju, Jonna / Otterbeck, Jonas / Oisalo, Niina / Zechner, Minna / Otto, Laura